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October 06, 2012

i've update and uploaded the new version of 'maybe'

it's a little different than the single version and will be included on the new album, out next month.

hope you like it!


May 19, 2012

here's the new single! you can download it here

first single from the forthcoming album 'late as rain'



May 14, 2012

new song - 'maybe' out today! you can download it here

and here is the video:




April 07, 2012

nice review of "empty lullabies" in this week's 'hot press' magazine written by jackie hayden.


March 07, 2012

third video installment - this time for 'minor fall'. i had fun with this one!




February 27, 2012

spent the weekend at the rds in dublin for the music show and made some new friends. here are a few:

glen hansard

kevin godley

steve levine

chris slade



February 16, 2012

remastered "empty lullabies" now available on iTunes for only $9.99


or choose a single song for only $0.99

direct link - iTunes


February 2, 2012

another new video on youtube - this time for 'signs'




January 19, 2012

new video on youtube for 'open road'




January 30, 2011

physical copy CD of 'empty lullabies' now available to purchase for only $9.99!

for $9.99 you get: the CD in a jewel case with 2-panel booklet & tray card enclosed in cellophane!

all with original artwork.

buy now at the no hype store and beat the rush!!!!

- support the cause -



december 29, 2010

mitch from 'pop | rock | folk ' music blog has written a cool french article on "empty lullabies".

those who understand (or are simply curious about) the french language can find the article here.

ps - happy birthday to my beautiful wife cathy!



august 14, 2010

the album "empty lullabies" has been featured on nme.com online magazine.



may 10, 2010

album track 'signs' included on "skeksis netlabel project vol. 11 - small town lullabies".

compilation can be downloaded free at the internet archive, rapidshare, or by torrent at mininova.


skeksis netlabel


november 15, 2009

complete album now also available for individual download at reverbnation, bandcamp, or from this site.

you can make a donation here


october 26, 2009

no longer lingering in the mind, i have finally recorded the songs which have become my 'empty lullabies'.

written little by little over the past few years , the album has seen many different changes, all the while using various types of instruments and software. these songs are all personal pieces of my life which i've decided to put down on paper and record, mainly for my own personal piece of mind. as weird as it may sound, it's kind of like my own therapy session - without the enormous bill at the end. and, at least, i now feel somewhat released from everything that was crawling inside of me.
less baggage, if you will.

there is a little bit about me here, if you'd like to know a little more, but this page is for 'band' news only.

the album works as a timeline, so to correctly understand where the songs are coming from, they shouldn't be listened to randomly, but rather in the order listed on the album.

as for now, if you enjoy the album and decide you would like to download either the entire CD or just one song at a time, then just go to this site or just go here.  it’s free, but if you’d like to pay for it…well, it’s up to you. just spread the word.

more news to come…very soon!

until then…we hope you enjoy listening.